Like casting Cleo’s for Kings, there’s a place and time to cast for steelhead and my go to bait is a Henry Lee lures, a lure that can catch many types of species but I only use them to cast for steelhead on river mouths, banks and I also troll with them too. It is one of the most effective lures for steelhead and Salmon, plus I’ve caught many Brown Trout on them too.  I’ve fished next to others and I’ve out fished many of the lures they were throwing. They are weighted designed perfectly for casting from shore or rivers. The three “must have” colours would be Cheese Omelette, Olive Green and Black Egg Eater!
Best places to throw these lures would be anywhere in the river from the mouth right up river. Rapids or fast water and pocket waters would be challenging.  Where Henry Lee Custom Lures excels are in river mouths or frog water, they are my favourite places to throw them, but I’ve caught many fish in bigger waters like St. Marie’s River and the Saugeen River.

Best time for these lures would be from Fall to Spring. These lures do well in colder water so the colder the water temp, the better it is. In really cold water temps, I pick up a Black & Red Bellied or a Black Egg Eater lure. The Cheese Omelette is effective in all conditions and would experiment with the three colours only to see which pattern is most effective that given day.
To use the lures, cast it up river to 2 o’clock and slowly retrieve it back, but if you’re fishing from shore just cast it out as far as you can and retrieve it back very slow. Make sure by the time the lure is swimming back to you it’s in front of you and not way down the river. Slow retrieve is key and it is the most important thing to focus on while retrieving it. If I’m fishing in deeper water I would add a split shot or two 12-18” above my lure depending on how deep I need my lure to swim. As I’m learning how to work these lures I always pay attention to the wobble action from lure and if I don’t feel that wobble, I know my lure is not swimming right and if the lure is not working right it is not effective. Most of the time if I don’t feel the wobble action it’s because my lure is tangled with the line or caught in some weeds or algae on it.  ​

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