As your guide - this is my pledge to you

My mission is to provide you with a top notch and friendly guiding service and will do my best to help you catch fish and have lots of fun making good memories that will last forever.

 In summer we will be fishing out of a Nitro Z9 bass boat equipped with the most advanced and up to date electronics and all the latest and best tackles, teach you techniques that will help u catch more fish. 

In winter we will be travelling on snowmobiles with our portable huts to get you out to the fishing grounds. We will also have all the rods, tackle and electronic fish-finders to help you ice more fish.

I’ve been fishing on Lake Simcoe since 1998 all year round from spring right through winter.  It is my home and I spend every chance I can to fish here. I can help you catch some of the biggest perch, laketrout, whitefish and smallmouth bass or if you just want to learn a technique that will help you catch more fish here on Lake Simcoe I can help you with that too.

I provide my fishing service on one of the best lakes in Ontario and that is Lake Simcoe. Lake Simcoe is a world class fishery with all types of trophy size fish from jumbo perch to whitefish, lake trout, largemouth bass and of course the smallmouth bass ranging up to 8-9lbs. Every summer there are many bass tournaments held on Lake Simcoe and most are targeting the smallmouth bass and bigger ones have been caught and documented. Some of the tournaments are ran by renowned companies with some big names and the best in Canada are  competing in it. 

Lake Simcoe is also our ice fishing capital of Ontario.  Every year thousands of anglers and fishing enthusiast come from all over, many from Canada and America to experience ice fishing on Lake Simcoe. In the summer, I highly recommend targeting the smallmouth bass because the fishing is phenomenal. In the winter, ice fishing here is at its finest here in Lake Simcoe. Everyone enjoys the Jumbo perch fishing and it’s perfect for the family but if you are more experienced or an avid angler we have our lake trouts ranging up to 20+lbs  and whitefish up to 4-6lbs (and bigger is very common).

Your Guide, Peter Hoang

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